How does it work?

Comfort Cushions’ engineered design supports the body effectively with its 3-D spacer fabric, developed to mitigate shock and vibration and provide stab protection as well as beneficial cushioning properties. 

Immersing the body into the seat cushion distributes the body weight over a greater area. This significantly minimizes the high pressure points, improving blood flow to and from your lower extremities, and decreases discomfort or pain related to a limited supply of oxygen to your tissues.

With your comfort in mind, we tested and designed a comfort solution using a BodiTrak pressure sensing mat to evaluate support in our test subjects before manufacturing the perfect cushion. Comfort Cushions’ 3-D engineered fabric adds support to a range of seat cushions that are common in trucks, buses, and heavy machinery.

Distributes weight and reduces high pressure points.

Technically speaking, Comfort Cushions improve pressure points over original seat cushions by 70% to 100%.