The journey may be long, but there’s no reason it can’t be comfortable.

Whether you’re on a long-haul trucking route, operating heavy equipment, packing parcels across town, entering data at your desktop, or taking an international flight, sitting in an uncomfortable seat for long periods of time can cause pain, discomfort, numbness, or swollen feet. Our complete comfort products are engineered to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by prolonged sitting and always keep your comfort in mind.


    Simple, easy to use and portable seat cushion, 18” X 19” X 1” thick and weighs only 12 ounces. This cushion provides a superior level of comfort for users required to sit for extended periods of time.

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Your Comfort is Guaranteed.

After extensive testing using pressure mapping technology and hundreds of operational test cases, we’re so confident our selection of products will improve your level of sitting comfort that if they don’t, we’ll fully refund your money - no questions asked.

  • Thin cushion, big difference

    I am very impressed with your comfort cushion. We drove all the way from London On. to Florida with total comfort during our three day trip. Thanks again for an excellent product and hard to believe that a half an inch of cushion makes such a difference!

    - Bill V, London, ON

  • The BEST cushion I have ever used

    10 out of 10. I am a very fidgety person and this cushion cut my roaming in the seat by 75%. The rest is just bad habit. It was VERY comfy and my boney bum did not have any sore areas where all the weight rests. The BEST seat cushion I have ever used. Highly recommend it. Great job.

    - Darrel V, Lethbridge, Alberta

  • I will not drive without it

    I run a daily 9-hour return trip with a 2018 Peterbuilt 389 equipped with a "national" air seat. This seat gave me a great amount of discomfort and stiffness. The AOSH cushion has changed all this for me and I will not drive without it again. All I can say is "Thank You".

    - MR, BC, Canada

  • We feel much better

    We purchased two of these cushions to use on our annual three-day drive to San Diego. We feel much better when we get out after 5 hours of driving—so good that we also use them in our condo on the patio chairs. We love our Comfort Cushions!

    - JG & MH, San Diego, CA

  • I'm not shifting around in my seat

    When I first saw the Comfort Cushion, I thought ‘how can something that thin make a difference?’ I have been using the cushion for 2 months now and the best way to describe the sitting is that I don’t find myself shifting around in my seat. I get in my car, drive to my destination, and don’t feel any discomfort.

    - HR, Seattle, WA

  • A noticeable reduction in stiffness

    I work in film and TV and when working on shooting sites I am frequently sitting in my truck for several hours at a time, waiting for a call out. Although I was skeptical, I tried one of these cushions. I was surprised that there was a definite improvement. My legs and hip area felt better and I had a noticeable reduction in stiffness. I still use it daily!

    NC, New York City, NY